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Yamaha TQ5

Voice Job - recordings made using the corrupted user memory bank on a Yamaha TQ5 FM MIDI Expander.

The voice data was either left as found on the machine after a prolonged storage period (with a flat memory cell) or processed using Arno van Goch's "P-Farm" Genetic Algorithm software to generate iterations of the corrupted data.

Voice data is stored on the machine in 100 available slots, 00 to 99.

Download includes the 100 voices used on the recording in System Exclusive data format (.syx)

These files are specific to the TQ5 but can be used with other four operator FM synthesisers with similar internal architecture (TX81Z, DX11, DX21. DX100 etc) but will not necessarily sound the same as the TQ5 due to its internal effects bank.

2021 follow up "Young Person’s Guide To Voice Job" available here.