Uzusounds 2011 List

Uzusounds favorite releases of 2011:

Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler “Live Double Séance”
Valerio Tricoli/Thomas Ankersmit “Forma II”
Mimeo “Wigry”
Tim Blechmann “Timbre”
Noish “Eetz”
Phil Julian “Location +”
Francisco Meirino & Jason Kahn “Music for an Empty Cinema”
Russell Haswell “Acid N0!se Synthesis”
Kelly Churko “Atrophy of the instant”
Yousuke Fuyama Yousuke “Untitled”
Haswell & Hecker “Kanal Gendyn”
Mark Fell “Periodic Orbits Of A Dynamic System Related To A Knot”
Mohammad “Spiriti”
Esther Venrooy “Vessel”

Compiled by Aurelien @ Uzusounds