“Transcript” – Available Now From Obsolete Units

Phil Julian "Transcript"

Phil Julian “Transcript” is now available from Obsolete Units.

“Under both the Cheapmachines alias and his own name, England’s Phil Julian has been venturing across various strains of unorthodox sound over the past decade or so, with his prolific output encompassing sonic textures that run the gamut from harsh squalls of decaying cacophony to humming spectral tapestries of melodic drone to patiently constructed compositions of hyper-minimalistic timbres. On Transcript, Julian sources tones and reverberation from blank cassettes as well as the actual cassette decks used in this particular process. Allowing the hissing, fuzzy, and clicking mechanics at work in this aural realm to traverse effortlessly across a half hour of ethereal space, Transcript stands as a remarkable work of foreboding and atonal constitution that stands confidently alongside the best works of similarly inclined sound sculptors such as Francisco Lopez and Joe Colley. This is warmly eerie listening that sounds especially exquisite coming from a cassette itself.”

Pro-dubbed/pro-printed C-30 in an edition of 100.  $7 each

All correspondence: paul at obsoleteunits dot com

Sound sources:
Blank cassette tapes (bulk erased, endless loop, vintage, new)
Cassette decks (mono & stereo)
Personal stereo

Recorded with:
Cassette recorder
Telephone induction coils
Close-range VLF detector
Piezo & PVDF film tab contact microphones

Recorded throughout 2009/10
Final mix and edit 2011

Review by Steve Cammack here.