“Out of Silence” in Vital Weekly

Taken from Vital Weekly 776, written by Frans de Waard:

“In Vital Weekly 772 Zsolt Sores Ahad had a music piece based on Samuel Beckett’s ‘Endgame’, a week later a three piece compilation around the works of this writer and now a double CD compilation. I have no idea where this sudden interest comes from. The big piece on this double CD is the thirty minute piece by John Duncan, who already did ‘Home, Unspeakable’ (reviewed all the way back in Vital Weekly 57). Among the participating artists he is the best known. Lots of the artists here work with the idea of ‘silence’ and ‘repetition’. Silence from empty spaces and repeating small voice blocks, alike ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’. Some of the finer moments is the voice loop of Antanas Kucinskas, the drone like emptiness of Philip Julian (to some also known as Cheapmachines), Duncan’s stretched sounds (although perhaps a bit long), the crackles of Ola Stahl and the breath piece of Seth Guy (which lasts only a handful of seconds). Throughout a nice compilation with no really weak pieces anyway.”

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