Now Available: V/A “Le Illusions Magnetique”

V/A ยท Le Illusions Magnetique

Double C60 cassette compilation of recordings made using vintage equipment and analogue electronics:

A1. Brume “Top Ten Sucks”
A2. KK Null “Toki No Dansou”
A3. Our Love Will Destroy The World “Pioneer Master Fried August”
A4. Sindre Bjerga “Ancient Electricity”
A5. Cheapmachines “Cheapmachines”
A6. Lasse Marhaug “The Froth Riding On a Wave Of Its Own”
B1. Aki Onda “India Song”
B2. Howard Stelzer “Response To Intervention”
B3. If, Bwana “For Edward’s Soul”
B4. Edward Sol “Suck The Art”
B5. Eric Lunde “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi”
B6. Frans de Waard “1. State Conspiracy 2. Traitor 3. Police Terror 4. No Cops No Masters 5. Servants 6. Tax The Fuck 7. Kick/Kill/Kick 8. Er (Etc) Er 9. ? 10. Track Seven 11. Disco Chant/Beat 12. The Richness of Poverty 13. Plastic Bag Take Away 14. Traitor (Again) 15. Smoking”
C1. Anla Courtis “Onco Cecilido”
C2. Sudden Infant “Iranian Boy In Vienna”
C3. Volcano The Bear “Classic Lorenzoid Fusion”
C4. Family Underground “Volcano Tear”
C5. Carlos Giffoni “Abigail”
D1. Aeron Bergman “Daemon Lugman”
D2. AMK “The Next Step”
D3. Cornucopia “Gehenna”
D4. Andreas Brandal “Throne”
D5. John Wiese “GGA”
D6. Burning Star Core “One Last Question”

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