Meshes – Reviews

A number of reviews of the Mathias Forge (Trombone), Phil Julian (Electronics) & David Papapostolou (Cello) collaborative recording “Meshes” (another timbre) have appeared recently:

Review by Brian Olewnick here

Review by Michael Rosenstein for Paris Transatlantic here

Review by Ken Waxman for Jazz Word here


“This trio of trombone, electronics and cello perform two tracks; the first, “Long Nylon Oak,” was recorded in the church of St. James the Great, Friern Barnet, without an audience and the second, “Floodlit Iron Tracery,” in concert two days earlier in a different church, St. Mark’s, Clerkenwell. Given the gap and the different contexts, there is a remarkable sense of continuity between the pieces, particularly commendable as the three had not played together before.

Both pieces are restrained and evolve slowly. Most notably, Mathias Forge confines his contributions on trombone to subtle breathy blowing rather than full blown notes, giving them a texture that meshes (a fitting title) well with the electronics and cello… Simon Reynell’s recording perfectly captures every nuance of the music, a vital ingredient of their success.”

John Eyles, “All About Jazz”, October 2009

“…Forge’s burping trombone, Papapostolou’s percussive cello and Julian’s electronics stutter onwards in a procession of knocks and rattles that ricochet against the resonant acoustic.  While, in another context, those same gestures might imply velocity and speed, these acoustic realities divert the music towards a more meandering, leisurely paced structure that is intriguingly at odds with its material.”

Philip Clark, “The Wire”, November 2009