Kept: 1994-96

“Mid-90’s analog noise recordings from Phil Julian. True Croydon thug electronics made with a primitive set up of a basic mic, reel to reel tape and various guitar pedals. This material was recorded in the pre-internet days when the then teenage Phil Julian was trying to recreate the sounds he’d heard on the few early noise / avant-garde records he’d been exposed to. The results are as fierce and engaging as any other harsh-noise acts working around the globe at that time. Violent, minimal and claustrophobic, reclaiming the Croydon sound after the gap left by early Broken Flag. Reels of this material were discarded but a few cases were marked ‘Keep’ and that’s what you have here. For fans of Skin Crime, Macronympha and early 90’s Merzbow.”

Gold cassettes. Limited edition of 100 copies. Order from Second Layer.

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A detailed overview by Steve Cammack of Dieter Muh here.