Cheapmachines/Pollutive Static – SPLIT

Cheapmachines / Pollutive Static - SPLIT

New split release C42 chrome cassette out now on Beartown Records.

“Beartown is pleased to welcome back CHEAPMACHINES, heard here providing one half of a terrifying whole. The other is bestowed upon us by stoic noise hero POLLUTIVE STATIC aka Hal Hutchinson. One slice of the ribbon each, documenting the continual breakdown and reconstruction of a furious vacuum, and an incremental removal and addition over a timeless span of excess and paucity.

Definitely one for reaching those states of consciousness that other noise tapes just can’t get to! Pop this on the walkman and see a cityscape or countryside vista transformed into a collage of forms and shapes, shifting on imperceptibely subtle trajectories. Welcome to the interzone, leave your shoes by the door.

Edition of 45. With water-coloured tapes and “Serbian cosmos” artwork.”

Order here.

Beartown Records September 2011 Flyer