“Antinomia II” @ Record Collector & Inkdeath

Antinomia II

A couple of recent reviews of The New Blockaders “Antinomia II” 7″ on Dot Dot Dot Music:

‘Veteran noise hooligans wade in with a typically abrasive double dose of their Luigi Russolo-inspired ‘antimusic.’ Throwing an avalanche of spanners into colliding industrial cogs, they shriek like gigantic metallic babies cramped with an outbreak of chromium colic. Scant respite comes in the guise of gusseted gear failure and some timid woodland fur, but by then the damage is done. Quite where part one disappeared to, well, your guess is as good as mine.’

Thanks to Spencer Grady at Record Collector (Jan 2012).

‘The New Blockaders were the original gangstas of Noise music back in the early ‘80s and they are still the Picassos. Always fascinating to listen to, never smacks of the gory postmodern motifs of new wave of tape-culture noise, yet manages to hit harder and scarier. The Blockaders are the Shakespeare of Noise, everyone else is just jockeying for the top slot in the maddening crowd outside the palace walls.’

Brady W. Hunt’s Top 8 of 2011 at Inkdeath.